I feel a sense of euphoria every time I see the mountains that are nestled next to Boulder.  I am fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Boulder’s LandmarkView Homes - Flatirons

Many of the most desirable homes and condos, in and around Boulder, are those with mountain views.  Some of the most well-known mountains in the Boulder area are those that are referred to as the Flatirons.  The Flatirons are the striking, slanted, reddish-brown sandstone formations that make up a portion of Boulder’s foothills on the west side of town. They are Boulder’s most iconic landmark.


We also have spectacular city views, views of the plains and views of the back range and snow-capped mountains.


Select Your View

Interesting view factsThere are several different types of views, available in all price ranges.  Of course, it goes without saying, the better the view, the higher the price.

Peek-A-View –If you stand in the right place, you can see the view
Seasonal View – Views that magically appear after the leaves fall from the trees
Panoramic View – Sweeping views that you must turn your head to take in all of it
Unobstructed View – Views that can never be taken away from you!

I’m looking forward to introducing you to view homes in and around Boulder

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