View Homes can be found in and around Boulder in a variety of locations. I have lived in many of these locales and can share my personal experience with you.

Boulder is nestled into the edge of the foothills.  Within the Boulder City Limits there are many different flavors of neighborhoods.  There are homes situated close to the edge of the mountains with easy access to the trails.  There are homes a little further away from the mountains that can offer mountain views. The historic areas of Boulder are in and near Downtown Boulder, just north of downtown and in and around the university area.  There are several desirable pocket neighborhoods, each with their own intricacies.  All areas of Boulder are easily accessed by numerous trails and bicycle paths that weave their way through the town.


These homes are located just North or East of the Boulder City Limits.  Many of these homes are on larger lots and can have amazing mountain views.


types of mountain viewsLiving in the edge of the mountains can be a dream come true.  These homes normally are on acreage with pine trees.  Many of these homes have views of the city and plains, as well as mountain views of the back-range and snow-capped peaks.


Surrounding Cities & Towns

Longmont, Niwot, Louisville, Lafayette, Erie, Broomfield, Superior, Lyons, and Nederland are all located within a short distance to Boulder (30 minutes or less drive).  Each community has its own unique characteristics, benefits and feel.

I am always delighted to sit down with people and describe the areas and what you can expect to get for your money, while looking at a map.  If you really want a good understanding of the various Boulder neighborhoods, I suggest you let me drive you around Boulder and the surrounding locales, so you can experience each of these areas for yourself.